The HopeIsBack events in EdensGarden Platform

Events:  20:00-23:00 11/07/20 in שבט : פאול קור16 תל אביב

Our purpose is events for people getting organized as liquid-union/comcomized groups able to access professionals helping to realize their emerging. we do it on  GitHub git free server. This git belongs to group of these members and our branding characteristics includes:

Name:   HopeIsBack in EdensGarden.
Color:   Purple and Green.
Flower: Morning Glory,  for being pretty, quick, embracing and proudly expanding horizons .
Song:   Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, for its  edging and identities swap .
Accessories: Wearable fabric straps in the branding color.
Mode of action: (wearing the accessory as a) random belongingness signal of being available for contacting in a momentary circle gathering (perhaps on/around the branding color sheet), with the purpose of the circle being an invitation to a eden's garden by host's invitation  including an address, time and about, as the event is published in EdensGarden page and which includes 2 types: facebook twitter and other social branding : live-circles and gardens



Join us here.

From here we are creating colorful decentralized and liquid self organized organizations arising in our global Network of Foundations, of which each may contribute only to humanitarian solutions based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they have equal power:

  • These organizations are structured to prevent corruption, when keeping diversity of all minorities with the non-voters and the majority, while building their critical mass for realizing their need.
    • The financing is inclusive and made only proportional, without letting any winner to take all, while benefiting not only winners but also individuals, minorities and abstention, in and between their groups, for their participation, while they are consuming, naturally and with low learning curve.
      • We believe that, when an economic social system is based on the winner takes only its proportional share, the system causes attraction based affiliation, whereas when such system is based on winner-take-it-all, hate is a conditional feeling in group belongingness, which is destructively tested by something like "how well do they hates our competitors for being privileged to live with us".
    • The foundations provide, while consulting for solutions, by having in each foundation temporal solution projects and, after the incubation period, each project, becoming an external legal body, can be contracting with the foundation.
    • This comcmoized hopeisback platform business is of providing tools (such for communication and storage) while caring for good privacy by pluging authenticated services in to the Qdolphin browser distributed under the Humanitarian Agpl License for the use of members of registered organizations, which are, or which are spinned off, the hopeisback type of foundations listed on here,
      • where such foundations may contribute only to humanitarian solutions based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they (the people) have equal power, specifically:
        • iiaom or hashed iiaom used as the identity in federal services (with rss bridge) providing xmpp/ommemo or matrix,
          • where the members' details, such as mac and ip addresses, are only stored hashed while allowing anonymization with vpn service bridging also the tor usage from the qdolphin browser for accessing also main stream platforms such as google and facebook also from different devices and locations on the glob.

The core of our development in all metropolises starts in pair of activities by both hands - the degentrification hand and the comcomized real-estate hand.

As gentrification became the first issue of most people living in (big) cities worldwide and is allways the dark-side reality of the lunatic myth named economic growth, of which basic is crediting the privileged and which forces people to be deported from their home and from the economy they are actually making, while cynically, giving more opportunities for the rich ones to become richer:

  • Here are 2 steps degentrification (undo gentrification) in pair of steps:
    • the first step is of liquid unions of which branches are served by lawyers and providing storage places, temporal accommodations, moving and sharing staff and information centers for renters and
    • the second step, which will be triggered after reaching some critical mass of participants being also equal share holders in their comcomized units, created for lending the necessary money to create guaranties for the renters wishing to buy their apartment by their renting payments.
  • Many levels (e.g. from 100 to 1m) of same investment value in some scomcom all of which d=1 while investing in a noncomcom real-estate entity, having only scomcom investors and a predefined maximal individual investment - here are the main benefits:
    • small investors could benefit from the advantages offered to the bigger ones, since mostly the offers in the real estate market are such that the bigger the investment is the lower is the risk and/or the bigger is the yield.
    • per each holder, in the same scomcom, any other holder can only be of the same power, allowing participation of unknown many other holder with lower risk coming from them.
    • after the investment still the holders can migrate between such scomsom with out damaging the whole real-estate entity.
The comcomized agreement of equal ownership is made to avoid been taken over by the huge corporations, while giving a room for cooperating with some "normal" business making, where
  • its profit is sheared between its owners correspondingly to their investments,
  • its root decisions are made such that one vote is of one of its owning SComCom or of owner of its owning ScomCom,
  • its founder owners have some voting privileges additional to ones such as being the first offered investor for the players in the platform,
  • its projects are where its players prepare themselves to become another of its owning Scomcom and
  • any Scomcom owning the platform is not owned by the platform, while the platform may form and own other companies also for implementing its projects players tasks until selling that to their Scomcom to be then partnering in the ownership over the platform.
Here are some example of concrete solutions:
  • Shifting public opinion, such as convincing the citizens to participate in green energy campaign as green comcom owners (see the BIS green swan risks report),
  • A "publish house platform of the creative people/class", which is owned only by companies being partly owned equally by artists and/or developers, as the other fixed part is owned by their producers/investors (here is the precise agreement: Scomcoms) here is a coworking spaces map for spreading our mission,
  • Connecting people owned by their comcom and not by huge company as facebook, twitter, google or telegram,
  • our core of development including the real estate comcom and granting concom granting grantees/insurance to its members
  • GovComCom by making any bailout-privatization-cycle together with the criticizes involved as comcom players instead of only some few huge companies
  • A media platform integrated with liquid union being umbrella body for small business and their customers being also equal owners in Scomcom channels financed by adds of those business and owning the platform.
  • An investment platform :
the Liquid union model of fair distribution (compared with liquid/delegative- democracy telling how to decide and produce or serve, liquid union is about how to get organized to get and choose between services and products) - here are some example of concrete solutions:
  • the national citizens payment for tv station can be made for liquid union having projects such as entertainment, investigation, education, culture, art-development, etc, where each of which projects has its channels financed proportional to number of participants in the channel, so that also the voices of minorities and non-voter would be heard too,
the Qdolphin browser, A browser for smart people developed confined providing progressive web app user experience configured by qt/qml with encryption feature: 3fish1kbit in ctr mode by contextual kdf2 key, producing 4k files, each having different strong key strengthening the weakest ring of any security chain being the human passcode,

Compared with other foundations, accumulation in HopeIsBack foundations is made by more emancipative authorizations which are to be proven less by looping "proofs by gun as in fiat money",

  • where normalization of any establishment is always tested by an inverse of its "calls for legitimating loop of proof by gun", as storing any value of such establishment is normalized by trying some non yet trusted statements via these 3 "proofs":
    • of call as a bet and/or a stake,
    • of routine as work and/or function and
    • of destruction of routines or calls by enforcement and/or education,
      • where these distractions are attributed and rerouted (back) to some (of its authoritative) fiat (as a) call and are made by police, armies, media, schools, churches and/or other distractions and obstacles, which are generally coined here as
        • "calls for legitimating constant routine of proof by gun".

Erez Elul and Rechtsanwalt Moritz Heusinger are the initial co-owners of the founder ScomCom of scomcoms platforms.
See also how anyone can do something.. Are you doing #art4HopeIsBack?

    This platform is to serve the need of (a lot of) paperwork for the organizations being spin-off from its foundations with internationally recruited lawyers and then providing feedback tools, by first applying to lawyers with proven activity supporting humanitarian and citizens rights with these three proposals:

    • join the international network we are to create to assist your work;
    • be refereed in our platform serving critical mass of people to supply your services with your expertise for the humanitarian and citizens rights issues when appeared in or via our platform and
    • please recommend us to lawyers able to register and represents the foundations and their spin of organizations

    The hopeisback low cost recruiting is distributed by requiters via personal cards, flayers, sticker , (e)mail, etc with the following 4 elements:

    • HopeIsBack network mark or Tm
    • F being a mark or Tm of the foundation serving specific subdomain in hopeisback
    • P being a mark or Tm of the project in the foundation serving specific subdomain in comcomized or liquidunions
    • X being a requiter number that must be feed in the registration to that site (zero for volunteers and optionally with additional security measure like another secret code).

    You may contribute or apply to membership, board of directors or trustees or add yourself as its participants. We are now looking for these 4 initiating team members:

    • Abstract makers who bring new ideas as for how to implement the statute
    • Concept mentors of these ideas
    • Fundraisers for the concepts
    • Project manager realizing the funded concept